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Remembering Luthier Dylan Magargle 1957-2014

It is with great sadness that we relay the passing of our Master Luthier and dear friend, Dylan Magargle. Dylan was our Master Luthier for nearly 30 years, having built an overwhelming number of musical instruments. Over the past several years, he struggled with Scleroderma and succumbed to his illness on Friday, January 31st. Dylan was involved in instrument construction as recently as the last month of his life, working on guitars for us in his home, an activity that brought him great joy. He was a kind, loving, and gentle man - extremely gifted and talented - and is sorely missed, both as a worker and as a close family friend. 

 Carl, Kathleen, Ayden, Kent, Jessica, and Adam



June Apple Dulcimers is a family owned company run by the Gotzmer family. Luthier Carl Gotzmer has been designing and crafting fine instruments for more than 40 years. We build mountain and hammered dulcimers as well as bowed psalteries. We are one of few makers nationwide who craft reproduction European mountain zithers such as the German Scheitholt, Icelandic Langspil, Norwegian Langeleik, French Epinette Des Vosges, and Swedish/Danish Humle (Hommel), all “cousins” of the Appalachian mountain dulcimer.  

June Apple musical instruments are characterized by their sweet tone, excellent balance, resonance, and controlled sustaining notes.  Many of our instruments are embellished by hand carved headstocks and sound boards, inlayed backs and tops, and scroll “lace” and chip carved sound hole rosettes. 

Wood selection is critical to instrument construction, both for visual beauty and “voice”. Each seasoned board used in our craft is hand chosen. We use a wide variety of woods such as Western red cedar, Virginia juniper, black walnut, maple, rosewood, sycamore, cherry, mahogany, and zebra wood.

Our instruments are sanded smooth as silk and are finished with a clear and natural hand-rubbed linseed oil and Danish oil finish. Finally, we outfit our instruments with the highest quality tuning machines and zither pins from American makers.

All June Apple musical instruments carry a five-year warranty against defects in materials or workmanship. We also offer the unique options of instrument rental programs and instrument upgrades for our customers.  We are able to ship our instruments and other products worldwide.

(* Free shipping is limited to the Continental United States and is not applicable to International orders or to orders to Hawaii or Alaska. These shipping prices will be quoted to you after you place your order, or you may call us to discuss shipping to your destination)