June Apple hammered dulcimers are characterized by their sweet tone, excellent balance, resonance, and controlled sustaining notes. They are available in two standard sizes: 13/12 and 16/15 (referring to the number of courses, or notes, on the bridges). Each course is double strung.

The popularity of our hammered dulcimers is attributed in part to the use of high quality solid aged woods, as well as a “stress released top” design that maximizes tonal quality. They offer features that contribute to ease in playing while providing a professional, concert quality sound at an affordable price. Our instruments are designed with unequal trapezoidal angles that position the center, or treble, bridge perpendicular to the bottom and top rails. This enables faster and easier playing as the hands move up and down only, without drifting diagonally. Our design also positions the right, or bass, bridge closer to the treble bridge, making the bass course more accessible (less time in the air to play a bass note).

Our instruments are outfitted with a tuning wrench and June Apple’s unique static balanced double-sided hammers crafted of cherry and black walnut, with leather dampers on one side.

We offer our customers an instrument upgrade (from 13/12 to 16/15 and paying just the difference in price) with the return of the smaller instrument in good condition.

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